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Ma Konbu (Farmed)

Konbu Doi

  • This wild konbu (dried kelp) has been sourced by Konbu Doi from Kakkumi-hama in Hokkaido for the past twenty plus years.  It is sustainably harvested, hand-selected and aged.  Because it is full of umami and refined sweetness, Ma Konbu is the best for cooking with, whether it is used in a dashi or for wrapping fish (konbu-jimi).  Doi-san's Ma Konbu is stiff yet pliable.  When used to create konbu dashi (see link below) it creates a broth that has a touch of green color, a clean, briny scent and loads of umami flavor. This konbu satisfies the soul...

    Note: for the past two years the amount of Ma Konbu harvested has been far lower than in the past. These dire harvests have impacted both the supply (down) and price (up) of Ma Konbu. We are thankful to Doi-san for supplying us with at least some of the Ma Konbu that we have requested. Please note that the package size has changed to 80g from 100g.

    Ingredients: kelp

    Product Attributes:

    • Farmed
    • 60g package
    • Product of Japan
    • Hand-selected & aged in Osaka, Japan


  • For over 110 years Konbu Doi has been dedicated to supplying the highest quality konbu (dried kelp).  Out of their current shop on a traditional shopping street in the Tanimachi section of Osaka, Konbu Doi sells only Ma Konbu sourced from the clean, cold waters off Kakkumi-hama in Hokkaido.

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Category: Konbu, Seaweed

Vendor: Konbu Doi